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How is your sleep connected to your overall health?

Your sleep and overall health are closely linked, and not getting enough sleep can have a negative impact on other areas of your life. If you find you can’t sleep because of stress and anxiety, or you’re asking yourself ‘Why do I feel so fatigued and tired?take a look at our science-backed articles exploring the relationship between sleep and other health conditions and how your lifestyle choices can affect your ability to sleep.


Coping strategies and advice for managing anxiety

Anxiety’s a normal part of life, but sometimes it can become a problem and interfere with your sleep. In this article, we’ve put together our top tips to help you deal with anxiety and improve your sleep.


Sleep and cancer

There are many reasons why experiencing cancer can affect your sleep. In this article we consider a range of steps that can help to protect and improve your sleep as you deal with a life-changing diagnosis.


Long COVID and sleep

More and more people are experiencing so-called ‘long COVID’ following an initial COVID-19 infection. In this article we examine its symptoms and effects and look at how your sleep can be affected… and how improved sleep could help you tackle long COVID.


Sleep and immunity

The COVID-19 pandemic brought into sharp focus the close relationship between sleep and the immune system. In this article we examine that relationship in detail and consider how a range of infections can challenge your immune system and impact upon your sleep.


Sleep and mental health: a special relationship

Poor sleep can affect our mental health and our emotional state can impact on our sleep. In this article we explore the close relationship between sleep and mental wellbeing as well as hear from two people who have improved both their sleep and mental health through the Sleepstation programme.


What is fatigue?

The true meaning of fatigue remains a hot topic for debate. In this article we examine fatigue’s relationship with sleepiness and tiredness and look at how its symptoms can be identified, treated and controlled.


Can lack of sleep lead to Alzheimer’s? 

We know that people with Alzheimer’s disease are more likely to experience sleep disorders. In turn, poor sleep can affect how the brain works. This article looks at the relationship between Alzheimer’s and sleep, examining what can be done to improve the sleep of those with the disease and the people who care for them.


Menopause and sleep

Sleep disorders are extremely common during the menopause so we’ve gone deep into the literature to examine just why this transition can have such a dramatic effect on your sleep. Read on to find out how you can optimise your sleep during the menopause.


Is Movember’s lockdown keeping you awake?

Movember wasn’t meant to coincide with a second national lockdown but there’s never been a greater focus of men’s physical and mental health. In this article Dr Neil Stanley considers men’s relationship with sleep and explains why good sleep boosts health across the board.


Nicotine: how does it affect your sleep?

It’s well known that drinking coffee and alcohol can affect your sleep. But what about smoking? We take a look at nicotine’s impact on sleep and why quitting cigarettes could boost your health.


Is there an upside to lockdown?

Despite the anxiety and disruption caused by the current restrictions imposed as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, this could be the ideal opportunity to improve your sleep. Dr Stanley offers practical advice to improve sleep and a free downloadable guide to better sleep.


Mind the gap please — why social distancing is socially responsible

With so many terms flying about, we thought we’d provide you with a clear, fact-based explanation of what social distancing means. We’ll explain why it’s so important and how your actions can help in the fight against COVID-19.


100 years of sleep diaries

Does Sunday leave you tired? Do you find yourself waking in the night? You’re not alone. Sleepstation has been helping people get better sleep since 2012 and we have decided to take some time to talk about what we have learned from reviewing 100 years of sleep diaries.