Employee sleep problems sorted. Forever.

As a world-leading authority on sleep, we know that sleep problems left unaddressed are likely to escalate over time. This doesn’t need to be the case for your employees, as we’re on a mission to tackle this head on!

Prioritise supporting good sleep habits at your organisation so your employees will benefit from:

  • Better mental health
  • Reduced health risks
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater motivation
  • Boosted psychological resilience


It goes without saying that the health and wellbeing of your employees is paramount. Therefore it’s important that we make sleep a priority.

Sleep problems are associated with lower social and workplace performance and can have a severe impact on psychological and physical health.

When we speak to new organisations, they highlight a lack of effective and comprehensive support to help their employees sleep better. Sleepstation’s digital sleep clinic provides a comprehensive solution for all sleep needs, with personalised support designed specifically for workforces. Sleepstation gives those organisations the chance to move beyond simply creating awareness around the importance of sleep and on to taking effective action to tangibly help their people.

We’re on a mission to help you to create a positive culture around sleep.

of UK workers report bad sleep quality

average days of productivity lost annually per chronic insomnia sufferer

of users who engage with Sleepstation sleep better within 3-4 weeks

Let’s help your employees get the sleep they deserve!

Find out how Sleepstation can support your employees to sleep better, feel better, perform better.

Millions of sleep diaries

We’ve analysed more than a million sleep diaries

From 2012-2023


Across 43 countries worldwide

From the USA to the UK


Helping thousands
of people every month

From every background

Taking a company-wide approach

Sleepstation can offer your whole organisation sleep education through webinars and expert sessions, scientifically validated content, sleep and wellbeing assessments, detailed sleep reviews, insights, analytics and personalised one-to-one sleep support.

Supporting populations both in the UK and across the world

Department for Work & Pensions
Scottish Government

Sleepstation delivers life-changing results

We’re proud to support thousands of people to sleep better every month. While our global outcomes are fantastic, it’s the personal stories that we really care about. The positive change that we can make to the lives of the individuals that we support is what drives us.

Christopher, 39

I’d like to be able to go to bed without worrying about constantly waking up during the night. I’d like to feel more refreshed rather than feeling tired all day and not having any energy.

Before Sleepstation

  • 61% Sleep efficiency
  • 20/27 Severe depression (PHQ9)
  • 19/21 Severe anxiety (GAD7)
  • 29/40 Severe impairment (WSAS)

After Sleepstation

  • 94% Sleep efficiency
  • 2/27 Minimal depression (PHQ9)
  • 2/21 Minimal anxiety (GAD7)
  • 7/40 Low impairment (WSAS)

It’s been a huge relief to know that there is support out there and that it really does work over time. The best way to describe it would be that it feels like a huge weight has been lifted.

Additional hours sleep


5 hours 49 minutes


6 hours 44 minutes

+ Christopher gained 6 hours 25 minutes more sleep per week!


Aisha, 34

I want to stop worrying about my sleep, particularly the nights before work and the nights before social or work events. I would like to have more energy and be able to enjoy my life again.

Before Sleepstation

  • 60% Sleep efficiency
  • 12/27 Moderate depression (PHQ9)
  • 11/21 Moderate anxiety (GAD7)
  • 29/40 Severe impairment (WSAS)

After Sleepstation

  • 86% Sleep efficiency
  • 0/27 No depression (PHQ9)
  • 1/21 Minimal anxiety (GAD7)
  • 0/40 No impairment (WSAS)

Struggling with sleeplessness can feel really lonely, so knowing there was a team who was there to support me through that time made it easier. It was reassuring to know I could talk to my sleep coach about any difficulties I was having.

Additional hours sleep


6 hours 26 minutes


7 hours 56 minutes

+ Aisha gained 10 hours 30 mins more sleep per week!

Sleepstation delivers wide-reaching impact

The relationship between our sleep and our mental health is symbiotic — when we take good care of one, it will positively affect the other. Many people aren’t aware of just how important getting sufficient, good quality sleep is for our mental and emotional health.

Our world-leading system of support tackles sleep problems head-on, but the impact goes far beyond sleep improvement. When we prioritise sleep, we become better equipped to deal with life’s challenges.


Seamus, 39

The one-to-one support has been great. All the suggestions and tips are very practical and able to fit into a normal life routine. They feel like something I’d be able to fall back on and use myself if I have episodes of poor sleep in the future.

Danika, 59

Sleepstation provided me with a structure and strategies to break the pattern of poor sleep. I’m delighted that my sleep has continued to improve. This has lifted my spirits and improved my mental wellbeing.

Zoe, 35

Sleepstation has really helped me get a solid sleep and given me the techniques to use in order to get back to sleep if needed. I now feel less stressed and more relaxed about sleep and feel confident using the techniques I’ve learnt going forward.

Helen, 58

I’ve been given the tools I need to achieve the best possible sleep, now and in the future. Thank you to the Sleepstation team for helping me to get my sleep back on track.

Benita, 48

It’s easy to use and fits around your life. Goals are realistic, support’s on hand and you get expert knowledge and advice. Their holistic approach is non-judgmental, understanding and empowering.

Josef, 50

Thanks for the encouragement and support, it’s much appreciated! I’m feeling much more confident about managing my sleep. My sleep is much more settled now.

Geneva, 51

I was taking sleeping tablets every single night for years. I’m no longer taking them. For me, this is huge and one of the main goals I wanted to achieve.

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  • Effectively support healthy sleep habits and tackle existing problems head-on.

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