Meet the team

Sleepstation, created by Born Digital Health, is a market leading, NHS-endorsed, sleep improvement programme. Sleepstation helps people sleep well by combining proven psychological methods with personalised support and guidance. Sleepstation can resolve sleep problems like insomnia without medication.

Born Digital Health is helping shape the future of digital health. We believe that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep and that no-one should suffer from treatable conditions such as insomnia. Our digital health service can provide fast, effective, reliable and accessible care.

Polaroids of Sleepstation staff
Polaroids of Sleepstation staff

Designing for better lives

Sleepstation delivers remote care with a personal touch. Our services are designed to give people control over their care, supporting them to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to more effectively manage their own health.

When we first developed Sleepstation, we wanted to discover if we could create an online version of the treatment patients received for insomnia at leading sleep clinics (CBTi). We hoped that our online version would have similar success rates but with the many added benefits of online access like no waiting lists, no need to take time off work to attend a clinic, no travel costs etc. We partnered with leading UK sleep doctors to develop a digital solution (Sleepstation) and we were amazed by the results.

We did not anticipate that Sleepstation would be significantly more effective than face-to-face treatment with CBTi and these findings led to wide-scale adoption of the Sleepstation service by NHS commissioners. After delivering this digital sleep service both privately and for the NHS across England for over 10 years, we now understand more fully the clear benefits of delivering health services in this way. We work closely with commissioners and providers across health services and global corporations to deliver affordable, effective digital health services that really change lives.

A recent study has shown Sleepstation to be three times more engaging than other online sleep programmes. The personalised support is what sets Sleepstation apart.

Avatar for Mary, 64 from St Albans

Mary, 64 from St Albans

Insomnia for over three years

Your support has been invaluable, and has been key to keeping me on track and getting through quite a tough transition. Your quick responses to the difficult days have been really encouraging and I wouldn’t change anything about the programme. It’s such a relief to have someone to guide and encourage me in taking control of my sleep problems.

  • Founders

    • Avatar for Alison Gardiner

      Alison Gardiner

      Founder & CEO

      Alison has a background in Behavioural Psychology and a special interest in the development of persuasive technologies. She has advised government and corporate clients across the world on the design, development and roll-out of technologies designed to bring about positive behavioural changes for the individual. At BDH, her team develop market leading digital therapeutics. Alison has trained under leading sleep experts and co-designed the Sleepstation programme.

    • Avatar for Dr Anderson

      Dr Anderson


      Dr Anderson is one of the UK’s foremost sleep specialists. She helped develop the Sleepstation programme and delivers the therapy videos within the programme. She runs the Regional Neurology Sleep Service at Newcastle Hospitals, one of the largest centres of its kind in the UK. Her work has been widely published and she has a clinical and research interest in all sleep disorders.

    • Avatar for Dr Goldsmith

      Dr Goldsmith


      Dr Goldsmith is a Consultant Neurologist who trained in Cambridge, Oxford, London and Newcastle. Paul has a wide breadth of clinical, drug development, digital health and governance experience as well as extensive experience in frontline clinical medicine. Paul has held NHS Clinical Networks, Vanguard and Senate roles and has published in excess of 40 peer reviewed publications.

  • Governance

    • Avatar for Dr Stanley

      Dr Stanley

      Sleep Science Advisor

      Neil is an independent sleep expert, involved in sleep research for more than 40 years. He started his career at the Neurosciences Division of the RAF and subsequently became Director of Sleep Research at the University of Surrey. Neil has published 38 peer-review papers and heads up the research team here at Sleepstation. In addition to his research work, he also delivers lectures and webinars on various aspects of sleep for our NHS and industry partners and members of the public.

    • Avatar for Matt Wade

      Matt Wade

      Chief Technology Officer

      Matt is a web systems developer who has gained significant experience in delivery and scaling of technical solutions for both classic and scale-up businesses. Matt has a keen business and strategic ability while maintaining a current knowledge of development technologies, promoting a unique perspective in improving the technical offering for the our team.

    • Avatar for Neil Gardiner

      Neil Gardiner

      Chief Commercial Officer

      Neil leads our team in exploring and developing our strategic partnerships, both in the UK and internationally. Neil has spent most of his career in the technology sector, working closely with both private and public sector organisations. In this role, Neil brings experience in delivering simple solutions to complex problems, with a strong focus on providing mutual and tangible benefits to all parties.

    • Avatar for Professor James

      Professor James

      Clinical Advisor

      Oliver has worked in and around the NHS for over 40 years. He was a Consultant Physician, Professor of Medicine and Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Newcastle University Medical School. He has also been Senior Vice President of the Royal College of Physicians, and a member of the North East Strategic Health Authority, Medical Director at the AHSN North East & North Cumbria and has been Chair of the HEE Local Education and Training Board.

    • Avatar for Professor McDonald

      Professor McDonald

      Medical Director

      Having spent more than 35 years working as an NHS Doctor, and 28 years as a Consultant Psychiatrist, Joe is well placed to advise our team on medicine and mental health. He also has a special interest in Digital Health. Prior to his appointment at Sleepstation, he founded the Great North Care Record and worked as the National Clinical Lead for IT for the NHS. He is a Professor of Health Informatics Practice.

    • Avatar for Steve Jones

      Steve Jones

      Chief Operating Officer

      With experience both as a Business Analyst and Web Developer, Steve oversees all operational aspects of company strategy and helps set strategic goals with a focus on quality management procedures. His team scope and specify future developments, devise test strategies and manage the design to development process through to user acceptance testing.

  • Key contacts

    • Avatar for Akvile Jadzgeviciute

      Akvile Jadzgeviciute

      NHS Services

      Those looking to find our more about our NHS services or to discuss our NHS referral process and contact Akvile’s team by telephone or email.

    • Avatar for Collette McKenna

      Collette McKenna

      General Enquiries

      Those looking for more information on the Sleepstation service can contact Collette’s team by telephone or email or use the online chat service at the bottom of this page.

    • Avatar for Dan Dixon

      Dan Dixon

      Wellbeing Services

      Those looking for more information on our corporate wellbeing services can contact Dan directly by using the contact information provided below.

Our offices

  • Illustration of Sleepstation’s ‘Customer services’ office

    Customer services

    Lennox House
    Lennox Road
    G67 1LL

  • Illustration of Sleepstation’s ‘Patient services’ office

    Patient services

    73 Howard Street
    North Shields
    Tyne and Wear
    NE30 1AF

  • Illustration of Sleepstation’s ‘Product Development’ office

    Product Development

    The Schoolhouse
    12 Trinity Chare
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE1 3DF

Our partners

Sleepstation’s NHS services are delivered in partnership with Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The Trust is in the top 10% of best performing Trusts in the UK and is rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Sleepstation is part of the Health Innovation Network from the Academic Health Science Network and has been supported by the Social Tech Trust (previously the Nominet Trust) and Innovate UK.

Our charities

  • Sleepstation is proud to support the homeless charity Crisis. We believe everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. For every course purchased privately, we give £10 to Crisis.

    Crisis logo
  • Citylife Line was launched in Newcastle to help the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 outbreak. This hometown initiative is close to our hearts. Connected Voice, the charity overseeing donations to the initiative, would welcome support from anyone willing to donate to Citylife Line or volunteer their services.

    City Lifeline logo