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Accessing Sleepstation

Sleepstation is accessible on most screen sizes and devices with access to a browser and a stable internet connection. Different browsers have different capabilities. And although these differences may seem minor, it’s common for websites to work fine on one browser but poorly on another. It’s important to keep your browser up to date for your security reasons as well as to ensure that you experience the best a website has to offer.

At Sleepstation, we do not provide support for old browsers and we encourage people to keep their browsers up to date. You can check if your browser is up to date by visiting

The Sleepstation programme is fully compatible with the following browsers.


Supported BrowserVersion
SafariLatest 2 versions
ChromeLatest 2 versions
FirefoxLatest 2 versions


Supported BrowserVersion
ChromeLatest 2 versions


Supported BrowserVersion
EdgeLatest 2 versions

Other considerations

Internet connection

Sleepstation’s therapy is delivered online. You will need a stable internet connection to access our therapy.


If you’ve disabled javascript in your browser you’ll need to enable it to access Sleepstation.


Sleepstation’s therapy is delivered through video sessions. You will need a device with speakers or headphones to listen to the videos.

Accessibility considerations

Contrast and colour

Sleepstation aims to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2 for Contrast ratio.

Visual impairments

Sleepstation has not been tested with screen readers, and we cannot guarantee that you will be able to complete the Sleepstation therapy using one.

Hearing impairments

Sleepstation’s therapy is delivered through video sessions, that do not currently have transcriptions. But we’re working to provide this content in the future.

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