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Are you trying to choose a sleep aid?

From natural sleep aids to the latest technology, there’re plenty of drug-free solutions on the market including magnesium and CBD that promise to improve your sleep. We take an in-depth look at different sleep supplements and consider whether they can be effective at boosting your sleep.


CBD for sleep — can it help you?

There are a lot of claims that CBD can help you sleep, but is there any evidence to back them up? In this article, we’ll explain just what it is about CBD that’s making people turn to it as a sleep aid and whether the science backs up the hype.


Magnesium and sleep ― how are they related?

Can magnesium help you sleep? In this article we’re going to look at why magnesium’s been gaining popularity as a sleep aid, the functions of this essential mineral in your body and whether it really can help you get restful sleep.


Are weighted blankets good for sleep?

Can weighted blankets ease the pressure on sleep? In this article, we examine the evidence to uncover the truth behind an increasingly popular approach to improving sleep.


CBN: a sleep aid or not?

CBN oil is increasingly promoted as a popular sleep aid but can the cannabis extract really help you achieve a better night’s rest? In this article we break down CBN and consider its potential benefits for those suffering from poor sleep.


Sleep tracking: the inside track

To track or not to track? In this article we discuss whether the new generation of hi-tech wearables provide a clear and accurate picture of your sleeping habits.