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How overcoming insomnia gives you more time for friends and family

In between our busy work schedules, house duties and general life admin, it can be hard to set aside time to just relax. Whether with ourselves or our loved ones, finding time in the calendar that works for all parties becomes a bit of a challenge.

This is even more the case if insomnia is a problem, where low levels of energy and higher levels of stress can leave making time for others the last thing that we want to think about. But healthy relationships are an important part of life, and aren’t something we can just neglect.

If you’ve been meaning to make more time for others a goal for some time, whether for a New Year’s resolution or not, it’s important that you tackle the problem holistically. For this, online insomnia therapy can be the starting block that you need.


The benefits that overcoming insomnia can bring to your life

Whether we plan to take more time for ourselves, or we want to make time for our loved ones, there are generally some important conditions required in order to help us do this. Namely that we feel relaxed, happy, and have enough energy to divert elsewhere. Unfortunately, these are some of the first things to suffer when we aren’t getting enough sleep.

Therefore, if we want to not only have the motivation to see others, but also to do so in a way that is enjoyable for all, it’s crucial that we first focus on resting well. Firstly, sleeping replenishes our body’s energy stores, allowing us to wake up ready to tackle the day ahead. This also ensures that we feel happier too, an important feeling if we want to treat our friends, family, or even ourselves, in the right way.

Feelings of happiness are also a great way to tackle that dreaded feeling of stress. Although some people believe that they thrive off of stress, for most it leaves us cold and short with those closest to us. For this reason, it’s important to always be conscious of ways of reducing our stress levels.

This will naturally help to reduce feelings of anxiety too, something which often goes hand-in-hand with stressful times in our lives. By reducing these two unwanted elements, we can gain more clarity and peace with our day, allowing us to enjoy “me time” or time with others much more.

It’s worthwhile noting that our online insomnia programme, delivered in the form of CBTi, not only helps people overcome insomnia, but can also help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety associated with sleep problems.

By tackling these feelings, of which insomnia can be a cause, we can begin to build stronger bonds with those around us. In fact,one study from the University of California found that a sleep-deprived brain can have trouble recognising facial expressions. By not being able to tell the difference between things such as a smile or a scowl, we could misinterpret the actions of those around us.

Clearly, sleep plays a huge role in our relationships. By feeling more rested and more energised, we can make time for others and connect with them in the right way.

Making more time for both yourself and others

So how can you begin to use your renewed energy and time in the right way? One great activity you can do is exercising more. Not only is this healthy, but exercise is a sleep promoting behaviour–when we exercise more we sleep better. Setting aside time for exercise can provide us with some headspace and it’s also a brilliant activity to do with others.

Alongside this, you could consider taking up new hobbies and skills. Perhaps it’s learning that language that you’ve always been meaning to pick up, or reading more. And, some hobbies you can do with friends and family too, such as hiking. Better still, some of these, such as hiking, have clear links with sleep, as those who get more sunlight each day tend to sleep more restfully at night.

Or, perhaps you can use your new time to focus on life admin tasks that you’ve been putting off, such as getting your finances in order. While perhaps not the most enjoyable use of “me time”, getting these in order can lower your stress levels, and leave you with more expenditure for doing the things you want with family and friends.

There is a strong connection between positive relationships and good sleep, as well as a healthier life. It was found that those with these ties, romantic or platonic, had lower stress levels and more ease at dropping off each night.

So, by combining online insomnia therapy with some of the activities above and strengthening your connections with others, you’ll be taking great steps towards a better night’s sleep.

How online insomnia therapy can help

If you want to get more control over your time and make time for yourself or others, then online insomnia therapy could be the answer for you. In a world that is constantly getting busier, setting aside time to relax, either alone or with company, is one of the first areas of our lives to suffer.

It shouldn’t be like this, but if you’re suffering from insomnia, then it’s even harder to fit in others around an already hectic schedule. We’ve already examined above some of the positive effects that relationships can have on us, and so it’s an area that we mustn’t neglect.

Our online insomnia therapy is supported by over 30 years of research, and helps over 80% of patients improve their sleep. Commitment to the programme is key, so it’s best to start only when you’re feeling ready to do so. With newfound energy and restfulness, it becomes much easier to set aside time for family and friends, or even just ourselves.

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