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Sleepstation is a drug-free and clinically validated sleep improvement programme. Delivered entirely online and carefully tailored to each individual, Sleepstation helps people identify the underlying causes of their sleep problem and provides the support and guidance needed to improve sleep. Clinically proven to combat even the most severe insomnia, the personalised support is what makes Sleepstation so effective. Our team of coaches and sleep experts will support and guide you on your journey to better sleep.

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    We’ve analysed more than 100,000 sleep diaries

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    Across 37 countries worldwide

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    Helping thousands of people

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    Get more than a million good nights’ sleep

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Jan’s Story

Sleepstation has changed my life! I’m thrilled that I am now getting at least 6 hours sleep at night and now feel refreshed, healthier and am feeling positive about the future.

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Improving our sleep can improve all aspects of our lives. When we sleep better, we feel better.

  • Getting started

    Getting started

    We’ll start by asking you a few questions so that we can provide recommendations. You’ll choose an option and create your online account. When you’re logged in, you’ll be introduced to your support team and we’ll get started with your online sleep review.

  • Making progress

    Making progress

    Following your review, we’ll understand your sleep problem better and will be able to provide your sleep improvement plan. In the first three weeks we’ll help you improve the quality of your sleep. You’ll track your progress and discover what works for you.

  • Sleeping better

    Sleeping better

    In the second half of the programme we’ll focus on sleep duration. You’ll learn more about sleep and how to control it. In the final two weeks you’ll find out how to maintain good sleep and, if you’ve been able to follow our advice, you should be sleeping better.

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