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Sandra runs her own cafe.

She had been sleeping badly for over a year and had begun to find it hard to manage things.

It was awful, it’s like I was a different person. I lost self-confidence. I felt like I lost brain cells. I couldn’t function …

Sandra thought it might be the menopause so she went to her doctor. Her doctor prescribed Sleepstation.

At first I was really disappointed at not being treated for the menopause but I started Sleepstation anyway because I needed to tackle the sleep.

At this point, even though she was taking sleeping pills, she was still only getting 3 hours sleep per night.

After one week with Sleepstation she was diagnosed with insomnia and within a couple of weeks she was already feeling better.

Within three weeks she was getting 6 hours sleep per night - double the amount of sleep she’d been when she started.

Unfortunately, a week before she was due to finish the Sleepstation programme, she burnt her hand badly.

I had to sleep with my hand in a bucket of water and that affected my sleep for several nights.

Despite this setback, her sleep quickly got back on track because she’d learned how to control her sleep.

Months after finishing Sleepstation her life has improved greatly.

I feel normal again. I’ve got a dog, I’d always wanted a dog but I didn’t feel like I had the motivation and energy to get one.

She’s now planning how to expand her business.

Since finishing Sleepstation my head’s back in the game!

Improving our sleep can improve all aspects of our lives. When we sleep better, we feel better.

Where could your journey to better sleep lead you?

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