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We’re proud to be able to say that we’ve supported thousands of people to sleep better. Our sleep improvement programme is clinically proven and the group outcomes are fantastic, but it’s the personal stories that we really care about. The positive change that we can make to the lives of the individuals that we work to support is what drives us.

Polaroids of patients
Polaroids of patients
  • Avatar for Sandra


    44, Cafe owner from Leeds

    Since finishing Sleepstation my head’s back in the game! I feel normal again and I’ve got a dog. I’d always wanted a dog but until now I’d never had the motivation and energy to get one.

  • Avatar for Shaun


    63, Builder from Sussex

    Absolutely delighted with this programme. Whilst I still feel I have a way to go with my sleep management, for the first time in many years I feel I now have the tools and techniques to help myself. The programme has been expertly constructed and has been of real benefit to me.


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  • Avatar for Clare


    50, from Hove

    Sleepstation has absolutely changed my life. Have almost doubled my sleep in five weeks and feel confident I can continue using the methods I’ve learned to improve my sleep or at least keep it consistent. It wasn’t easy to begin with but the benefits became apparent quickly and the online videos and PDFs were of great help. I would recommend Sleepstation to anyone suffering from insomnia and to stick with it when it gets tough because it works if you put the effort in.

  • Avatar for Richard


    45, from Maidstone

    This course has been fantastic. The results have been life changing. I look forward to going to bed and usually have the confidence to know I will fall asleep within 15 minutes. This course has given me the confidence and tactics to further improve my sleep in the future without sleeping pills! Thank you.

  • Avatar for Arianna


    30, Civil Servant

    A super helpful and responsive team. Really felt my problem was handled by a team of experts and felt supported throughout. Noted some improvements right from the first weeks of following my sleep plan. The team was always there to answer my questions and offer advice.

  • Avatar for Michael


    30, Shift worker

    Sleepstation has been excellent at helping me identify my bad sleeping habits, correcting them and providing me with the tools to combat them. The app is easy to use and I enjoyed the structure it gave me when thinking about and reviewing my sleep. Sleepstation has improved my sleep efficiency giving me a more regular and balanced sleep.

  • Avatar for Ralph


    49, Civil Servant

    Amazing. I didn’t realise that sleep was so complicated and if it is not right what impact it has on your life. By monitoring my sleep pattern and trying my hardest to follow the Sleepstation plan, I feel so much better than when I first started — so thank you.

  • Avatar for Rasima


    49, from London

    I had given up hope of sorting my insomnia out and it had started to affect my daily life. Sleepstation are always there to help support and encourage you along your journey to resolve your sleep problems. The support team are always willing to help no matter how small or big your worries are.

  • Avatar for Jane


    62, from Leeds

    Amazingly rewarding and very tough. It has changed my life. I now look forward to getting in to bed because I know I will sleep. Having sleep tools has taken away my anxiety. I enjoy living now because the confusing lack-of-sleep fog has been lifted. I laugh more.

  • Avatar for Suzanne


    45, from Bolton

    I have had a sleeping disorder now for 17 years to which nothing at all worked until I found Sleepstation. I can’t thank you enough as I honestly feel like a different person.

  • Avatar for Mary


    64, from St Albans

    Your support has been invaluable, and has been key to keeping me on track and getting through quite a tough transition. Your quick responses to the difficult days have been really encouraging and I wouldn’t change anything about the programme. It’s such a relief to have someone to guide and encourage me in taking control of my sleep problems.

  • Avatar for Adam


    68, from Dorset

    The course has been an enlightening experience. Sleepstation provides positive solutions on how to improve sleep patterns and as to what may be causing the problem. It is fantastic to have a forum where what you are coping with is understood and to have support too. The tools and videos are helpful — as are the summaries of the sleep diaries and the personal insights. The ongoing support has been a tower of strength. A big thank you to you all.

  • Avatar for Zahid


    24, from West Midlands

    I’ve really enjoyed my time doing Sleepstation. The techniques that have been suggested to me have made big differences to my sleep already. I’ve learnt so many things about sleep and my own sleep is improving because of this.

  • Avatar for Anne


    Civil Servant, from Hull

    This does seem one of the most life changing things I’ve done and I am determined to keep this up and not slip back into all the bad habits.

  • Avatar for Rachel


    24, from Eckington

    This course was the best thing that’s happened for me in a very long time. I finally feel like I have the knowledge and skills to improve my sleep and manage any relapses. I felt well looked after by the Sleepstation team and found the sleep diaries very helpful. 10/10. I would recommend this service to anyone suffering from insomnia.

  • Avatar for Mike


    40, from Tyne and Wear

    This has been really helpful and I have tried many things to try and help with my sleep over the years but none have come close to helping in the way that this has. I have completed this whilst working in a hospital during a pandemic and think that I would not have been able to do this with another programme. So a big thank you to all the team for your help and support.

  • Avatar for Atiyyah


    21, Shift worker

    This has been a great experience for me. Because of lockdown my sleeping pattern was all over the show. I was going to sleep at odd hours of the morning and waking up by 5/6pm which wasn’t very normal. Now, at the end of the programme, I’m sleeping much earlier than I did at the start. This has helped me so much and I know I can stick to it and carry on by myself.

  • Avatar for Ross


    41, Engineer

    My experience with Sleepstation has been very good. The sleep therapy has really helped me to improve my sleep pattern and rest better at night. The platform used to explain the techniques and all the resources are great. I also would like to mention that the support team was very helpful. I definitely would recommend Sleepstation.

  • Avatar for Stella


    53, from Beverley

    I would like to thank you all for all the support and encouragement you have given me over the course of this programme. Never did I think I would resolve my sleep problem. It’s been a tough programme to follow, but so worthwhile.

  • Avatar for Lorainne


    44, Clergy support trust

    I have found the Sleepstation programme really helpful. Allowing someone else to guide my sleep during this period has been revolutionary and enabled me to regain control. I have learnt skills and techniques that have really helped so now I know that if I have problems in the future I can control my sleep independently.

  • Avatar for Fay


    44, from Derbyshire

    I have enjoyed a good night’s sleep every night, medication-free! I never thought this would be possible for me and I really can’t thank you enough. You really have changed my life and I haven’t felt better in years. Thank you; you’re all wonderful.

  • Avatar for Harold


    74, IET member

    Excellent. The techniques suggested have resulted in a big improvement in my sleep! I appreciate the information and resources that have been made available. I would recommend Sleepstation to others, it’s really helped.

  • Avatar for Tariq


    64, Doctor from Bolton

    A very positive experience. My sleep has noticeably improved. I feel more in control of my sleep. I now have a more ‘get up and go’ attitude towards my daily life. I would recommend Sleepstation.

  • Avatar for Lauren


    27,from London

    Thank you for the help you have provided me. You genuinely don’t know how much this programme has helped me and my health. I honestly believe I can use these techniques for the rest of my life. Thank you so much.

  • Avatar for Janice


    56, Civil Servant

    Sleepstation has made me realise that I was going to bed too early and trying to force myself to sleep then getting stressed when I couldn’t sleep. By going to bed later I fall asleep quicker and feel better in the morning. Plus I feel like I’m getting a bit of my life back and not panicking about going to bed and not sleeping. I feel like the cycle I was in has been broken. I would recommend Sleepstation to others.

  • Avatar for Austin


    74, from Ruddington

    My nights have become much more relaxing and enjoyable, the darkness has become like a friend to me. Thank goodness I tried Sleepstation to retrain all my doubts, fears and anxious thoughts. I would recommend Sleepstation to anybody.

  • Avatar for Tamara


    35, R&D employee

    The initial technique that I was recommended was very helpful! My husband uses a similar method, but I have never had the will power to try it. He used to have sleep issues and now falls asleep in literally minutes. Knowing that the coaches would ask me if it worked for me gave me the push I needed to try it and it really works! I feel like I’ve come on leaps and bounds. I now feel like I’m in control of my sleep, not the other way around. Thanks for Megan and the rest of the team!

  • Avatar for Jane


    58, Structural engineer

    It has been much better than I expected. It has been revealing as it has shown me what my sleep habits and associated feelings really are. I am determined to follow the advice and am really grateful for the support given. I could not do it without help and accountability. The questions asked are very broad-ranging and thought-provoking and have made me consider all my habits. I feel hopeful.

  • Avatar for Jackie


    Dinner lady, from Leicester

    Being accepted onto the Sleepstation programme has completely turned my life around. Before the course I was paralysed by anxiety, had been signed off work and dreaded going to bed due to the sleep problems I had been experiencing for months. Within a few weeks of being on the course, the quality of my sleep had improved and the anxiety levels started dropping. I feel so lucky to have found the course as it has given me my life back.

  • Avatar for Lisa


    34, from Essex

    I am really noticing that my mental wellbeing has improved. I have spent years not really looking forward to things or getting excited about anything, I’m starting to remember what it is like to have emotions again. I have tried literally everything else. I thought that I was just doomed to not sleep well. This therapy really has kick-started my life again. I am happy that I no longer need the medication.

  • Avatar for Miranda


    43, Civil Servant

    I found all of the sessions really beneficial and my sleep has improved so much compared to what it used to be like. I used to dread going to bed but I actually look forward to it now. I realised that I had lots of bad habits that were disrupting my sleep and now I’ve taken care of these, I’m able to fall asleep quicker. I’ve recommended Sleepstation to colleagues and friends who are struggling with their sleep. Thank you for all of the great help and advice.

  • Avatar for James


    63, from Cumbria

    It’s a complete rebuild of your sleep pattern. It’s by no means easy, at times you want to just pack it in, but my advice is don’t, stick with it, be honest, and you will improve. Maybe not to the point of sleeping like a baby, but you will be sleeping well by the end of the course.