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Shaun’s story


Builder, 63 from Sussex

Shaun, a 63 year old Builder from Sussex, had been sleeping badly for around eight years before he found out about Sleepstation.

Shauns workshop

He was having trouble getting to sleep and was waking up frequently through the night.

I’d like to have at least five hours of unbroken sleep. I’m always waking in the night and generally feel exhausted. I’d like to stop worrying about the bad health effects of poor sleep.

Shaun in bed
Shaun asleep

Lack of sleep was affecting his work and social life. He was aware of the negative side-effects of sleeping pills and was nodding off without meaning to during the day.

He’d moved to another room to avoid disturbing his partner.

I’d like to go back to sleeping in the same bed as my partner without keeping my partner awake by my constant moving about.

Shaun and partner

Does this sound like you?

Shaun seeing doctor

Shaun wanted to find an alternative solution to his sleep problem. His GP referred him to Sleepstation.

Following his first session with Sleepstation, he felt reassured that he’d made the right decision and that Sleepstation could help him sleep better.

Excellent, very reassuring videos and instils confidence that this could help me.

While Shaun found elements of the programme tough, especially as he had also stopped taking medication to help him, after just eight sessions with Sleepstation he was already seeing positive results.

The advice and subsequent experience of following a sleep schedule has demonstrated that I can get better sleep quality despite spending fewer hours in bed and without taking medication.

Pills illustration

Shaun’s results

He was no longer reliant on sleeping pills and felt that he had a learned a lot about sleep and had a better understanding of how to control it.

After just eight sessions with Sleepstation, Shaun was sleeping better and feeling better.

He was now sleeping well every night of the week and felt confident that he had the skills to continue to improve his sleep.

Shaun Asleep

He had returned to sleeping in the same bed as his partner.

I’m absolutely delighted with this programme. Whilst I still feel I have a way to go with my sleep management, for the first time in many years I feel I now have the tools and techniques to help myself. The programme has been expertly constructed and has been of real benefit to me.

Before Sleepstation

  • 63% Abnormal sleep efficiency
  • 24/100 Extremely poor sleep score
  • 2-5 hours Not getting enough sleep
  • 1/7 One night of good sleep per week

After Sleepstation

  • 91% Excellent sleep efficiency
  • 77/100 Good sleep score
  • 6 hours 1 extra hour sleep per night
  • 7/7 Sleeping well every night

Can you relate to Shaun’s story?

Sleepstation can help you sleep better.

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