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What is insomnia and how can you overcome sleepless nights?

If you often find yourself thinking, ‘I want to sleep but my body won’t let me’ you could be experiencing insomnia symptoms. Being unable to sleep can affect our lives in all kinds of unexpected ways. We take a deep dive into what we actually mean by insomnia and answer questions such as, ‘Does lack of sleep cause weight gain?and Does alcohol help you sleep?’.


Can lack of sleep cause weight gain?

When it comes to weight gain we face a triple threat. Everybody knows that poor diet and a lack of exercise can lead to piling on the pounds, but missing out on quality sleep can be just as damaging to our waistlines.


Does alcohol help you sleep?

Alcohol has been used as a sleep aid for thousands of years but the science tells us that drinking before bed rarely guarantees a good night’s sleep. Here we find out why alcohol and sleep are uncomfortable bedfellows.


Sleep and finance: invest in rest

Money worries can cost you quality sleep at the best of times. In this article we look at how financial concerns can affect your sleep and provide some tips for fixing the problem.


How overcoming insomnia gives you more time for friends and family

Between busy work schedules, house duties and general life admin, it can be hard to set aside time to just relax. Whether alone or with loved ones, making time for downtime can be a challenge. Find out how better sleep could lead to better relationships.


What causes insomnia?

If your sleep problem is affecting your daily life, then you may have a sleep disorder, such as insomnia.


What is insomnia disorder?

Insomnia is the world’s most common sleep disorder, but why do some people suffer more than others?


How overcoming insomnia can help you to lose weight

Did you know a good night’s sleep can help you lose weight? There is a clear link between sleep and weight. In fact, too little of the former can cause too much of the latter. Find out how treating your insomnia could help you lose weight.

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