Front-end developer

Full-time, remote-first

We’re looking for a Front-End Engineer to join our growing Sleepstation team here at Born Digital Health.

We’re helping to shape the future of digital health. We believe that no-one should suffer from treatable conditions and we’ve proven that our digital health services can provide fast, effective, reliable and accessible care.

With Sleepstation we’ve got a science-backed, market leading, NHS-endorsed, sleep improvement programme that has helped many tens of thousands of people overcome their sleep problems.


You will have solid experience with:

  • Modern JavaScript
  • React
  • Layout and styling (ideally CSS-in-JS)
  • API integration (ideally GraphQL)
  • Webpack (or equivalent build tooling)
  • Jest (or equivalent unit test tooling)
  • Cypress (or equivalent end-to-end test tooling)
  • Git

Ideally you will also have experience with:

  • Functional JavaScript (We use Ramda)
  • Redux
  • Rails
  • Gatsby
  • Lerna
  • Storybook
  • VSCode

The role

You will be comfortable delivering carefully considered solutions to technical problems and well-crafted code fulfilling technical specifications. Writing tests and documentation will be a fundamental part of your process. You will keep up to date on new and changing technologies and efficiently appraise and learn those technologies as needed.

You will be working alongside a senior front-end developer, several back-end developers and design/UX. A critical part of your role will involve communication, both with technical and non-technical members of the team, through meetings and over messaging (we use Slack). You will therefore need excellent written and spoken English. We greatly value independent thinkers who aren’t afraid of lively discussions and willing to push-back where it is needed.

Your day-to-day work will involve a combination of feature-work, discovery tasks and bug fixing, with regular meetings with other team-members as required. This work spans several front-ends and a Lerna monorepo, making heavy use of modern JavaScript and React throughout with no jQuery in sight. You will need to write up issues and bug reports, review and write specifications and documentation, and write and maintain code and build systems. You will have time for learning, and the flexibility to adapt your role to suit your interests as the company grows over the coming years. You will take pride in the quality of the work you do and understand how important it is in making the best possible service available to those who need our help; tying industry leading client implementation to our ever improving use case.

You will be given as much time and support you need to understand our product, your role, and the codebase, however this is not a junior role and you will be expected to understand the fundamental technologies we use from the start.


  • Write front-end code to spec, including components, styling, business logic, state, and API integration.
  • Write unit and integration tests (Jest and Cypress).
  • Write and maintain documentation (Markdown and Storybook).
  • Maintain and improve build systems (Babel, Webpack etc.)
  • Use Git to manage units of work via feature branches, and apply bug fixes.
  • Use Gitlab to author Merge Requests, manage CI pipelines and write up spec and bugs as issues for other developers or the wider team.
  • Discuss feature work and technical improvement with team-mates, providing useful updates on progress as required. Investigate new requirements and present findings and recommendations to the wider team.
  • Identify parts of the codebase that could be improved through refactoring or technologies that could be replaced with a view to improving performance or stability.
  • Maintain and update project dependencies, responding to new releases or patching CSVs.

How to apply

Please email with your CV.


  • 30 days holiday
  • Laptop
  • Learning allowance
  • Social events
  • Flexible working
  • Free food
  • Pension
  • Wellbeing programme

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