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Articles about Workplace and insomnia

Poor sleep and the workplace

Sleep problems can have a wide-ranging impact on your workplace performance. These articles will help you understand everything from discussing insomnia with your boss to improving your working environment in order to sleep better, feel better and perform better.


Sleep and the horse racing industry

The horse racing industry is driven by a dedicated workforce that frequently goes above and beyond in its search for professional excellence. However, a number of demanding roles require focus, alertness and a keen attention to detail. In this article we examine why sleep is so important to those working on horse racing’s front-line and why prioritising a routine that involves regular rest is vital.


Five ways the modern workplace stops us sleeping

Ever got to the office and headed straight to the coffee machine? Often find yourself worrying about work in bed? Regularly check work emails late into the evening? For Mental Health Awareness Week we explore how the modern workplace contributes to sleep problems and explain what can be done about it.


The sleep-friendly workplace challenge

Find Monday mornings tough? Ever thought your team could benefit from more sleep? Try our seven-day sleep-friendly workplace challenge for a more energised, more productive and happier workforce.


Should you tell your boss you have insomnia?

Insomnia can seriously affect your physical and mental health. Its impact on your personal and professional life can be severe but it’s nothing to be ashamed about. In this article we look at why it’s important to be open about insomnia in the workplace.