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Sleep is essential for health and happiness and is also the ultimate performance hack.

Sleep problems can negatively affect all aspects of student life, including academic success. In addition to all the health benefits that good sleep can bring, sleep also consolidates learning. Due to irregular routines, part-time jobs, exam periods and social schedules, students need personalised advice to overcome sleep problems and unlock the magic of sleep. If you’ve been sleeping badly, now is the time to tackle the problem.

If you don’t sleep the very first night after learning, you lose the chance to consolidate those memories. Unfortunately, increasing numbers of students aren’t getting enough sleep and to 60% have sleep problems, including insomnia.

Our online course is built upon the most effective approach to improving sleep for university students and typically lasts 6–8 weeks. Supported by a team of sleep coaches, you’ll work through a personalised sleep improvement plan. You can complete the online programme in your own time, whenever you’re ready and wherever you happen to be.

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Laura’s Story

“Sleepstation has absolutely changed my life. I have almost doubled my sleep in 5 weeks and feel confident I can continue using the methods I’ve learned.”

Where could your journey to better sleep lead you?

Improving our sleep can improve all aspects of our lives. When we sleep better, we feel better

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How it works

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    Getting started

    The first step is a sleep review. You’ll tell us about your sleep patterns and any symptoms you have. You’ll receive top sleep tips and will be able to discuss things with us confidentially via the messages area.

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    Sleep plan

    If it looks like you’ve got insomnia, we’ll prepare your sleep improvement plan. In the first three weeks we’ll help you improve the quality of your sleep. You’ll track your progress and discover what works for you.

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    Restored sleep

    In the second half of the programme you’ll learn more about sleep and how to control it. If you’ve been able to follow our advice, you should be feeling better, sleeping better and performing better.

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