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If you’ve had a sleep problem for more than a month, you should seek help to overcome it now. Sleepstation can cure insomnia without medication. Sleepstation is an approved NHS service, that’s also available to purchase privately. If you’re currently living in England you should be able to access Sleepstation free of charge by requesting an NHS referral. Don’t let sleep problems ruin your life, get help today.

  • Sleep better in weeks
  • Medication-free
  • Clinically proven
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Better sleep, better you

Our online sleep improvement programme is clinically proven to combat even the most severe insomnia. The personalised support is what makes Sleepstation so effective. Our team of sleep coaches will support and guide you on your journey to better sleep.

Sleepstation is suitable for:

  • over 18s
  • those who do not have—and have never had—seizures or epilepsy, psychosis or a psychotic episode, bipolar disorder, mania, schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia or a personality disorder
  • those who do not have severe untreated anxiety, untreated PTSD or a circadian rhythm disorder.

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More than a million good nights’ sleep and counting…

  • Avatar for Austin



    My nights have become much more relaxing and enjoyable, the darkness has become like a friend to me. Thank goodness I tried Sleepstation to retrain all my doubts, fears and anxious thoughts. I would recommend Sleepstation to anybody.

  • Avatar for Mary


    St Albans

    Your support has been invaluable, and has been key to keeping me on track and getting through quite a tough transition. Your quick responses to the difficult days have been really encouraging and I wouldn’t change anything about the programme. It’s such a relief to have someone to guide and encourage me in taking control of my sleep problems.

  • Avatar for Clare



    Sleepstation has absolutely changed my life. Have almost doubled my sleep in 5 weeks and feel confident I can continue using the methods I’ve learned to improve my sleep or at least keep it consistent. It wasn’t easy to begin with but the benefits became apparent quickly and the online videos and PDFs were of great help. I would recommend Sleepstation to anyone suffering from insomnia and to stick with it when it gets tough because it works if you put the effort in.

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Sleepstation helps people identify underlying causes and factors contributing to their insomnia, and supports them on their journey to better sleep.

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