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What is Sleepstation?

Sleepstation is the drug-free solution to overcoming insomnia. The service is clinically proven to cure long term sleep problems through an innovative digital platform delivering personalised CBTi.

The NHS service was developed in partnership with Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital’s Trust. Where Sleepstation is available on the NHS in the UK, the service is delivered via Newcastle Hospitals. As Sleepstation is an online service, patients do not need to come to Newcastle, or be based in Newcastle to access Sleepstation on the NHS.

Our sleep doctor

Dr. Kirstie Anderson, one of the UK’s foremost sleep specialists, co-founded Sleepstation and helped design the online service. Patients are guided through the insomnia therapy via weekly video sessions developed by Dr Anderson.

Dr. Anderson, who runs one of the largest sleep clinics in the UK, helped create Sleepstation to make CBTi available and easily accessible for patients all over the UK.

The key thing about Sleepstation is that it’s personalised for each user. If a patient puts a particular pattern into their diary it will change the programme to make it fit their sleep pattern.

Dr. Kirstie Anderson – Co-creator of Sleepstation

How can Sleepstation help?

Who can use Sleepstation?


  • NICE guidance – NICE advise against pharmacological intervention for insomnia lasting for longer than four weeks.
  • Effective – Proven to be as successful as face-to-face therapy.
  • Reduced risk – Referring first to Sleepstation will remove the risks associated with prescribing hypnotics.
  • Ease of access – No need to attend a clinic.
  • Speed of access – No waiting list to enter treatment.
  • Personalised – Delivered via an intelligent, video-based platform, offering expert advice and insights tailored to the patient.
  • Fully supported – Offering dedicated one-to-one support from our sleep team (real people who care).
  • Outcome focused – Our sleep team proactively engages with the patient to encourage engagement and improve outcomes.

Patient feedback

Jan from Pocklington


We combine psychology and sleep science with dedicated support to help people get great sleep. We’ll start by helping you to pinpoint the causes of your sleep problem and will provide you with the advice and support needed to overcome it. We’ll review and monitor your progress as you work your way through your personalised sleep improvement plan and your dedicated support team will support and guide you every step of the way. We’ll help you tailor the science to work for you.

Sleepstation is built around the most effective treatment for insomnia available — Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia (CBTi). CBTi is supported by over 30 years of sleep science and is proven to help people overcome insomnia and sleep better.

Sleepstation is an online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for insomnia. This special type of CBT is called CBTi.

CBTi has been proven to be effective both in the short-term and in the long-term. It’s effective for all adults (both male and female). It can effectively treat insomnia that has been present for a short time, or lasted for many years. It’s also been proven to be effective in treating poor sleep and insomnia associated with medical or psychological conditions.

So, it’s very powerful and that’s why we’ve chosen to use it as the foundation for Sleepstation.

We know that CBTi is very effective. It requires commitment — it’s not always easy to apply the techniques but, when you do, it really works.

How we think and feel affects our sleep, and through the Sleepstation programme you’ll have access to advice and techniques which have been clinically proven to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

We’ll help you understand any bad habits that might be affecting your sleep, and provide support to help you change those, or replace them with more positive habits and routines.

Sleepstation is the online version of the CBT for insomnia which is used in specialist sleep clinics and it was developed with a leading sleep expert — Dr Kirstie Anderson — and based on the approach that she uses in her sleep clinic. All of the components of this online course have been tested to ensure that they are effective.

In the most recent study that we’ve published, over 80% of participants studied saw significant improvement in their sleep as a direct result of the Sleepstation programme.

If you’re committed to overcoming your insomnia, and follow the plan that we create for you, we’re confident that you can improve your sleep. In addition to our own reviews and research into the effectiveness of Sleepstation, there are many scientific reviews which outline how effective CBTi is. CBTi is endorsed by the NHS and recommended by NICE in the UK and NIH in the USA.


This program is a godsend for those with insomnia. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have been fixed through Sleepstation.

Jane, 73 from Sevenoaks

I’m feeling better and my wife says I’m much less grumpy so maybe my sleep and my marriage have been fixed through Sleepstation!

Chris, 36 from Bradford

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