Sleep better, with help from the experts

  • Get 1-2-1 support and tailored advice from our team of experts
  • Send unlimited messages to your sleep coaches
  • Plus free access to self-help sleep tools
  • For just £10 for your first two weeks! Then £30 per month (if you need more support). Cancel anytime

Get matched with an expert who can help you

Working with a sleep expert who truly understands your situation is key to unlocking effortless sleep night after night.

We believe that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep — regardless of their income.

That’s why we’re offering you access to our expert team for just £10, to give you the chance to try it for yourself – in our Sleep Hub.

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Connect with the experts

Experience transformative sleep with our coaches. They’re not just listeners, they’re your personal sleep allies. They’ll provide tailored solutions, answer your queries, and connect you with other experts in our team. Invest in rest, wake up to a better you.

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Discover your sleep ability

Unlock the secrets of sleep with our extensive resources, written and recorded by experts with decades of experience in the field of sleep science. Got sleep questions? Our experts have the answers. Dive in, and awaken your sleep potential.

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Solve your sleep problems

Transform your life with our help. Get your sleep on the right track using our scientifically-backed analysis tools and evidence-based methods. Share your sleep problems with us, and we’ll provide targeted strategies to help you resolve them.

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Our highly trained team at your finger tips

Our team is made up of sleep experts (doctors, coaches and therapists) and mental health experts. Your support team will include senior sleep coaches, who have 5-10 years of experience helping people overcome their sleep problems and are fully trained in delivering sleep support and insomnia therapy (CBTi).

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How could a sleep coach change your life?

Sharon, 62

The interaction was good, I felt supported by like minded people — not everyone understands the enormity of poor sleep and its impact. Thank you, I can’t recommend Sleepstation enough. I’m telling everybody.

Anthony, 48

I’m, hand on heart, actually going to really miss this experience and interaction. I’d just like to thank everyone for everything and to say to keep up your amazing support and assistance, it’s truly greatly appreciated.

Pamela, 75

Most of all, I liked the personal touches, the calm encouragement, the support, and I was experiencing small successes with each night’s sleep.

Emma, 52

Very clear instructions to follow and the sleep coaches are great, very supportive.


Better sleep is just the start

Great sleep leads to better nights and brighter days too. Sleep better, live better, with the help of our sleep coaches.

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Better rested

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Reduced anxiety and stress levels

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Better heart health

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Faster recovery

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Boosted memory and learning


Get support from sleep experts

  • Two weeks of unlimited access to our highly-trained sleep coaches.
  • Direct contact and tailored advice.
  • No waiting lists, start today!
  • Plus free access to an ever-growing library of self-help sleep tools and resources.


Access to sleep coaching through the Sleep Hub costs just £10 for a limited period. This includes two weeks of direct messaging with our sleep coaches and access to our sleep experts. You’ll also have unlimited access to the sleep library and all of the resources, as well as questionnaires and tools to track your sleep progress.

For £10, you’ll get two weeks’ access to our sleep coaches and experts, allowing you to ask questions, seek advice and get support, as often as you need.

After these two weeks, you could pay for ongoing access to our support team for £30 per month, which can be cancelled at any time.

Don’t worry if you feel you need further support, you can pay for ongoing access, to stay connected to our expert sleep team for however long you need. If you decide you need more in-depth support, you can choose to buy our Sleep Transformation Programme at any time.

Our sleep coaches will do their best to get back to you as quickly as they can, and within one working day. If you’re in need of immediate help or medical attention, you should reach out to your doctor or emergency services, as we do not provide urgent support or medical advice.

In the Sleep Hub you’ll have access to:

  • a secure and confidential messaging centre where you can contact our expert sleep team and chat directly with sleep coaches
  • tools and questionnaires to understand your sleep in more depth
  • a sleep library packed with information, tips, techniques and facts to further your understanding of sleep science, as well as your own sleep.

When you send a message in the Sleep Hub, you’ll be speaking to a real, highly-trained sleep coach who’ll give you advice and support that’s tailored to your needs. They’ll also consult with other experts behind the scenes, if needed.

You’ll also get personalised results when you fill in any of the questionnaires.

The sleep library content is the same content for everyone and contains a wealth of resources all about sleep. You’ll find information relating to your specific needs and also general interest topics around sleep too.

With the Sleep Hub you’ll get access to our sleep coaches for two weeks, allowing you to discuss you sleep problems and discover more about your sleep during this time.

If you sign up to our Sleep Transformation Programme, you’ll complete a detailed sleep assessment, and will be assigned up to three personal sleep coaches to support you for up to nine weeks. You’ll get a personalised multi-step sleep plan and regular contact with your personal sleep coaches throughout. Your coaches will also follow-up with you after the programme to make sure your sleep stays on track. You can find out more about our Sleep Transformation Programme here.

Depending on the problems you’re experiencing, our sleep coaches may recommend that you sign up for our Sleep Transformation Programme. They will only do this if they believe you’d benefit from greater support, a comprehensive multi-step sleep plan and weekly therapy sessions. Many people find that a couple of weeks of support is all they need to sleep better.

You can cancel your subscription at any time and your access to our sleep coaches will remain until the day before your subscription is due to renew (one month from your last payment). To cancel just log into your account and let your sleep coach know in the messaging centre. Alternatively you can email us at and our team will get your cancellation processed.