Wellbeing in Partnership

Sleepstation are working in partnership with leading organisations across the UK, Europe, USA and beyond, to provide a clinically proven sleep improvement programme for those experiencing sleep problems. Get in touch today to find out how Sleepstation could benefit the individuals you support.


Funding is currently available to assist charities who wish to offer Sleepstation. Get in touch to discuss the funding application process.


Jill White, Head of Wellbeing

The Charity for Civil Servants

We know that the impact of reduced or limited sleep is hugely under reported and yet affecting large numbers of the people who come for support. The Sleepstation programme is adding enormous value to us as a Charity. This is a new, exciting and innovative approach for us as an organisation and working with Sleepstation has been a dream!

Better sleep, better you

Sleepstation, is a clinically validated sleep improvement programme. Delivered entirely online and fully supported by a team of sleep experts, therapists and coaches. We take the time to understand each person’s sleep in detail so that we can provide personalised reports and plans to address their individual needs and circumstances. It is this support and tailored approach that makes Sleepstation so effective.

We can help most people

The techniques that we use in our sleep programme can improve sleep for the vast majority of people. However, if you have one of the health conditions listed below then some of the techniques that we use might not be helpful for you.

Sleepstation is not recommended for people with epilepsy, a history of seizures, psychosis, bipolar disorder, mania, schizoaffective disorder, schizophrenia or a personality disorder. It’s also not recommended for those at high risk of falling or who are currently detoxing from drugs or alcohol.

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Improved sleep can improve the lives of those you support.

How it works for service users

When we don’t get enough good quality sleep it can affect all aspects of our lives. Poor sleep has been shown to have negative effects on attention, decision-making, immunity, memory and motivation.

Sleepstation helps people identify the underlying causes of their sleep problem and provides the support and guidance needed improve their sleep.


Understanding their sleep problem

Service users will be asked to complete a short online assessment and to record seven sleep diaries to allow us to analyse their sleep.


Confidential discussion

They will have access to expert support and guidance. They can discuss anything with us confidentially via our secure messaging system.


Personalised sleep report

Each person will receive a report, providing insights into their sleep patterns and advice about how to treat any problems they may have.


Improved sleep and wellbeing

Sleepstation can retrain the mind and body for better sleep. Most people feel the benefits after just three sessions.

Make sleep a priority

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